Monday, May 12, 2008

"Sitting at the Kid's Table"- Insights

Yeah God is good. From an eternal perspective, you are dead on with Heaven not having a Kid's Table. But the funny thing about Heaven it will be filled with everyone that was seated at the "Kid's Table" here on Earth. Isn't that who Christ came to save the Kids Table. The rejects, the left outs, the lame, the sick, the forgotten will all be invited to the Big Table in Heaven. (Insert Bible stories of who Jesus came to save, and the story where the guy was having a party and no one came, so he went to the highways and bi-ways and invited everyone else who didn't have the social stautus to show up in the first place... and they all came!)

From a more temporal perspective with eternal consequences we can also say that according to the Gospel God would have given up his place at the head of the big table and found a seat at the Kid's Table, and he would have loved it. That's the Gospel in a nutshell, the Incarnation of Christ coming down to earth, giving up everything in Heaven, his seat at the Adult Table, to eat 33 years of meals at the Kid's Table.

And... He is calling us to be Incarnational in our walks with Him. We need to be like Him in attitude and humility. We need to always look for opportunities to find out where the "Kid's Table" is and sit there. It might be the goofy crowd in the youth group, it may be the Table all the way in Africa, China, India, or even the slums of your own dysfunctional family. We really need to stop worrying about the comforts of the Adult Table and worry about the incredible opportunities and joy that can be found with the kids. Hopefully if we do our jobs right we will be getting yelled at from the other table because we are making too much noise, making to much of a mess and disturbing the "Adults" at the other table.

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